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Thrive Now Psychotherapy clinicians come from an Anti-racist and anti-oppression stance. We are dedicated to naming and exploring power, privilege, and oppression and how these issues impact our sense of self, our communities, and navigating our day to day lives. We strive to be culturally aware, queer-affirming, trans-affirming, sex and body positive. We create a safe space for BIPOC and LGBTQ+ community. 

For BIPOC clients we explore transgenerational trauma. Transgenerational trauma has been identified among Black Americans, in relation to the effects of slavery and racial discrimination. This passing of trauma can be rooted from the family unit itself, or found in society via current discrimination and oppression. The traumatic event does not need to be individually experienced by all members of a family; the lasting effects can still remain and impact descendants from external factors and culture shift that 400+years of slavery and oppression.


For other marginalized clients we create a space to explore what may come from struggles in finding true self/identity/sexual orientation/Gender identity etc.

  • We provide a queer-informed framework

  • We offer individualized, trauma-informed care

  • We utilize mindfulness & embodiment practices

  • We emphasized queer resilience and vitality

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