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We know, and understand, that you are on this website because you are struggling with something in your life. Maybe a difficult relationship, addiction, a painful childhood, depression, anxiety, and accident, etc. You have been in some form of SURVIVAL and are finally allowing yourself to look for a different way of being in the world, to finally THRIVE

Thrive Now Psychotherapy provides not only caring and skilled clinicians but also values a focus on education. We help you understand that you are not broken. Through the lens of Neurobiology, attachment, trauma, and personality structures, we help you understand how your wonderful survival system has been stuck on the "ON" switch, and we need to enable it to turn on and off in a healthy adaptive way. 


Thrive Now clinicians come from an Anti-racist and anti-oppression stance. We are dedicated to naming and exploring power, privilege, and oppression and how these issues impact our sense of self, our communities, and navigating our day to day lives. We strive to be culturally aware, queer-affirming, trans-affirming, sex and body positive. We create a safe space for BIPOC and LGBTQ+ community.


Let us help you do more than Survive!! Lets THRIVE!!!

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